Weekly Round Up - 9 June 2017

Bridget Harvey, MEND MORE Jumper, 2015

Published: 09 June 2017

This week in our #HIGHLIGHTS we featured and shared artworks and news by Lisa O'Donnell, Josie Jenkins, Ehryn Torrell and Bridget Harvey (above).

Our #CATEGORY OF THE WEEK was Metalwork, next week it's Mixed Media. Upload your works for a chance to be featured.

Our #PLAYLIST featured a selection of videos about science: Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Henny Burnett, Alix Poscharsky and Megan Broadmeadow.

#FIVE2WATCH Politics features Shelagh Atkinson, Joseph Young, nikkita morgan, James Paddock and Amelia Beavis-Harrison.

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Author: Axisweb

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