Introducing Collections

Published: 01 July 2016

A collection is artworks, projects, events, news, blogs, merchandise that have been grouped together because they share a common theme.

There are two types of collection - ‘Profile Collection’ and ‘Curated Collection’.

Profile Collection

This is available only to Directory members and enables them to group their activities into a collection for display on their profile.

The theme behind the grouping is set by the Directory Member. It could be around a project, or a long running series of work and practice-based research.

See our own example around ‘Films that we have made’

Curated Collection

A curated collection can be created by any registered website user. It’s a new digital exhibition space programmed by the user and utility space to support connections with artists.

It allows a user to create their own collection from the artworks, projects, events, news, blogs, merchandise uploaded by Directory Members.

It enables users to generate new forms of navigation through the millions of media assets that make up the Axis Directory. For example we will use it for our #Five2Watch selections.

Curated collections can be made public or kept private. If public they can be found in the ‘Discover’ section of the website. If private they can only be accessed if the creator shares the web link.

Curated collections also have real utility. They can be used for long-listing or short-listing, by commissioners to present ideas for a project or teachers to support curriculum activities, plus so much more.

Find out how to create a Curated Collection by watching the video below.

Why not sign-up and give it a go >

Author: Axisweb

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