'Troeon : Turnings' is a new bilingual collaboration between myself and poets Cyril Jones and Philip Gross. Various rivers run through this work: amongst them, the Taff, the Severn, the Arth and the Glasffrwd as d

'To turn, to dig, to plough, to upset, to translate… Bend, lap, journey, time...' The Welsh word 'troeon' unfolds meaning after meaning. In TROEON : TURNINGS Cyril Jones, from the disciplines of Welsh cynghanedd, meets Philip Gross' English verse, in the hinterland between translation and collaboration. Rather than lamenting the impossibility of reproducing any language’s unique knots of form and content in translation, they trust each other to explore the energies released.

In the cloud chamber, atoms tear, spin, split,
translate the past and future
into spirals, spun silk, sheer
release, the heart of the matter.

In the same spirit, the visual work plays an equal part with letterpress responses that surprise the language of both writers into new awareness of its possibilities.

'Troi, aredig, cerdded, treigldwr...' Yn y gyfrol TROEON : TURNINGS mae dau fardd yn cyfarfod yn y cytir rhwng cyfieithu a chydweithio.

Ar waetha’r storm a’r hwthwm o glefyd,
geilw haf ei fwrlwm
adar i dewi’r larwm
a churo’n galon trwy’i gwm. (Mehefin 2020)

The book is published on 8 March 2021, Seren Books. Pre-order on: https://bit.ly/2L1ZTWk