Location: Creekside Projects, Unit A1 Fuel Tank, 8-12 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 3DX

Swap Editions No 5 : ISLAND is an exhibition of physical art editions set against the virtual landscape from a collaboration with www.skelf.org.uk which inter-connects 10 artists who were selected via open call. The 10 artists were asked > Are You An Island? Ruth Chambers / Daniel Clark / Philip Crewe / Jake Francis / Ed French / Helen Grove-White / Jack Holme / Tim Offredi & Mez Kerr Jones / Shir Raz / Sara Trillo

SWAP Editions has partnered with SKELF virtual project space to curate a digital exhibition as part of Edition 5: ISLAND. This is the first time SWAP Editions has included an online component to an edition and the project is live on SKELF from 22rd January to 20th april, accompanied by an exhibition at Creekside Projects in Deptford 12-15th March (PV Friday 13th March 6-9pm)

Visit Skelf to view the virtual exhibition : ISLAND here: www.skelf.org.uk

Further info about Swap Editions here: www.swaparteditions.com and @swaparteditions on socialmedia

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