SWAP Editions No.3 : ARTIST AS MACHINE launches as a one night exhibition at THE NEW SHOREDITCH THEATRE in Old Street at 6.30 -9pm on THURSDAY 12th APRIL 2018.

SWAP Editions is an artist-run initiative, commissioning and publishing small-scale art multiples in a range of media, materials and approaches that form an eclectic collection of art works curated into sets. With each edition, a different group of artists are invited to propose and create a small artwork as an edition. The multiples are then published into sets, and in exchange for producing an artwork edition each artist receives back a complete set containing all the artist's works in that edition. Publishing semi-annually in Spring and Autumn, each edition is curated and launched with an exhibition or public event and the works join a growing showcase of art multiples available to view online. SWAP aims to collaborate with artists to explore the process of making editions and forge a socially-driven, non-commercial platform to enable the exchange of original artworks between artists. SWAP is sustained by swapping art objects with time and services, putting all emphasis of value within the collection of artworks rather than their potential monetary value. SWAP Editions and associated artworks are not for sale - but a very limited number are available to swap.

SWAP Editions No.3 is a large collection of over 30 editions made by art students from Kingston School of Art and Slade School of Fine Art. Each Artist was invited to create an edition of 54 works exploring the notion of ARTIST AS MACHINE.

For more information please visit www.swaparteditions.com or @SWAParteditions

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