Approved: 10.07.2023

Robert Sherratt


Approved: 10.07.2023

I am an artist based in England.  My paintings result from a continual orchestration of fragments. All my works are made of paint, however my working process owes a lot to the practice and philosophy of collage.

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  • Location: Norwich, East
  • Contexts: Studio practice
  • Artforms: Painting
  • Tags: architecture still-life landscape painting st-ives cornwall coastal-scene harbour, beach-scape painting coastal scene landscape, bird night painting corvid, birds museum painting natural history victorian taxidermy birdpainting, boat sea architecture brutalism hi-tech painting landscape-painting seascape coastal, conifers lighthouse coastal town construction deconstruction marine rocks painting, constructivism industrial-space post-industrial derelict interior painting, architecture post-modern, derelict abandoned structure architecture coastal landscape beach palm tree wreck, finch birds bird-painting puppet doll shards painting figurative-painting, garden painting april, landscape cactus mirage hotel painting contemporary-painting, landscape dunwich painting, landscape puppet doll figure figurative-painting contemporary painting, military-building architecture oasis desert-flowers cacti observation tower painting contemporary-painting shell

Artist Statement

I am an artist based in England.  My paintings result from a continual orchestration of fragments. All my works are made of paint, however my working process owes a lot to the practice and philosophy of collage.

In current works large areas of the paintings are constructed from sheets of dried paint.  I keep an archive of hundreds of samples of manipulated paint; the final compositions are the result of sifting through these fragments and their possibilities; curating the fragments into a new whole.

I like to be surprised by the worlds that emerge from this process, so my subject matter is often very open and eclectic.  The register of the pictorial language can change from almost photographic to an insistently material surface presence.

I am often trying to trap a sense of light and space in the works to establish some kind of beauty, and to push against the essential flatness of painting.

What I intend in these paintings is a freeze-frame of an ongoing process of construction and deconstruction; a process that sometimes overspills the boundaries of a single visual language.

In a sense I am not painting landscapes, but images of temporary sculptural installations.  In some of the paintings the paint fragments become props assembled to create an imagined landscape ... something more like a stage or film set, sometimes populated by puppet or toy-like figures.

I often think of painting as being a kind of intelligence in its own right: a sentient force that has its own ideas about what forms and images it wants to make, and how it wants to influence and channel itself through individual artists.  My process is calibrated to let me respond to suggestions from the material.  To escape myself as much as express myself. 

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CV & Education

Robert Sherratt Artist.


Lincoln College of Art and Design Foundation 1990-91

Norwich School of Art B.A (hons) First Class with commendation 1993-96

Chelsea School of Art M.A Painting 1997-98


Selected Exhibitions:

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery "Peterborough Open" 1993

Gasworks London "13" Group exhibition 1995

The Paton Gallery London "Aspects of Abstraction" group exhibition 1998

Jibby Beane contemporary London "inner Space Outer Space" group exhibition 1999

Rubicon Gallery Dublin  "Precise Modern Order" group exhibition 2003

Kettles Yard Cambridge "kettles Yard Open" 2004

Prospects Drawing Prize The tea building London 2004

The Great Eastern Hotel London "Stay" group exhibition 2005

Outpost Gallery Norwich "Off" group exhibition 2006

Outpost Gallery Norwich exchange exhibition with f.a.i.t krakow Poland. 2006

Outpost Gallery Norwich "Robert Sherratt" solo exhibition 2007

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven "Malerei Ohne Malerei" group exhibition North Germany 2009


British academy of arts and humanities. Post graduate study bursary 1997

Escalator visual arts research and development grant 2005

Arts Council England East individual artists grant 2005

Artists Talks:

2004                                                              Kettles Yard

                                                                      East International


"Gradually Learning"

 For the publication "texts"                            Galerie Loevenbruck Paris