Location: Queen's House, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Experiments with plants that teach us history...

Sunday 28 May: Cinchona bark (Quinine)

Originally utilised by the indigenous Quechua people of South America, the bark of the Cinchona tree connects the invasion of these lands to the spread of Empire, as the anti-malarial qualities of the plant became known to Europeans in the 17th century.

Whilst learning and sharing together as a way of exploring this fateful history, participants will produce homemade tonic water to take home.

This workshop is free but booking is essential. More info and booking here: http://www.rmg.co.uk/see-do/exhibitions-events/two-experiments-breadfruit-and-quinine-workshops

Part of the Unearthing - a series of artists’ interventions curated by artist, writer and independent curator Sonya Dyer.

(Image: Quinine bottles - CC Wellcome Library, London)