Oil on canvas with Swan, skull and reclaimed oak beams
work resembles some sort of mid-air collision or interstellar explosion, with a palpable centrifugal energy at the heart of her paintings, sculptures and drawings. Often small in scale, they nevertheless explode beyond their boundaries - their vectors suggestively reaching out beyond their pictorial edges into the gallery space. Her works draws inspiration from the bucolic, of wild and wind-battered Norfolk, where she now has her studio.

At the heart of her work are a fury of beaks, encircled by fanlike, semi-abstracted wings. The result is an aviary of attack and defence, intimating the basic fight-or-flight behaviour of even the most diminutive of birds. Beyond their avian references, these images are impressive for their counterpoising of formal elements. The gestural brilliance of her mark-making - her paint is scored and splattered with a palette knife, brush or by hand - is contained within a deliberate and considered structural vortex.

“I see the transformation from painting to sculpture, especially using clay, as a natural progression in my work. Using clay in its raw state allows for an immediate response that captures the energy and emotions of my encounter into a solid form.” Nessie Stonebridge