Approved: 14.11.2022

natalia millman


Approved: 14.11.2022

My work investigates the process of ageing, the impact of grief and the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

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Artist Statement

My work investigates the process of ageing, the impact of grief and the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

I look closely at the damage time imposes on the human body and mind, affecting the structures in the brain responsible for language, memories, and consciousness, in people with dementia.

Having produced “Vanishing Point”, my latest body of work, I now proudly represent Arts 4 Dementia, a leading UK charity promoting creativity for people affected by dementia and raise awareness and compassion.

Much of my work is constructed from material found on building sites, which I give another life to by modifying its past function. Burning, cutting, and breaking, then mending and repairing. Treasuring the ordinary or broken is an essential part of my creative practice. 

Through my art I look at resilient grieving; growth in the midst of a challenge or cultivation of post traumatic-growth.  My recently launched “Grief Letter” project gets positive support from people around the world who want to communicate their grief, with many finding it a more manageable step towards accepting and embracing the new you, being compassionate, curious and non-judgmental towards yourself. “Grief Letter” is a community-based project where people can share their personal experience of loss and grief in a form of a letter. The letters are responded by me individually through different media.  

I continue to study the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature: the contrast between natural harmony and human distress, the correlation in growth and decay, the energies of spaces, transience of human form, and the value of mindful reflection on the present moment. 

My current project includes collaboration with two photographers to explore the healing comfort of nature amidst challenges of trauma and anxiety. I continue to research the philosophy of ageing and somatic methods for my creative practice.

CV & Education


I am Ukrainian-British conceptual artist. My work is primarily constructed from materials found on building sites and in nature. Working in a broad range of media, including photography, video, sculpture and paint, I aim to give decayed objects a new function and extend their life. I am continuing to research the philosophy of grief, positive ageing and the transformative impact of dementia on individual’s physical and mental state.

My mission is to remind about the fragility of life, the beauty of ageing, promote grief support and healing practices, to raise awareness about dementia, foster positive choices that exist in the communities for people affected by dementia and highlight the importance of creative practice for them and their families. I am honoured to work with Arts 4 Dementia- a leading UK charity that provides art opportunities to empower people living with dementia and their carers.


1995 - 2000      BA Hons English and German Languages, Cherkasy State University, Ukraine

2003 - 2004      MSc Medical, Scientific and Technical Translation, Russian-English, Imperial   

2020 – pr.        Member of Studio Fridays


Features & Publications


•  Borrowed Time by Art.Earth

The New Artist, Boomer Gallery Magazine, London


•  Smart Artist Hub


Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery Featured Artist July 2021


Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance blog post


Better Together Artists Guest Artist


The Stables in Exile Free Art Gallery Featured Artist October 2021


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2022                Studio Fridays Art Fair (October)

2022                Art without Boundaries Online exhibition

2022                St Albans Visual Art Festival, S Albans Cathedral

2022                Trauma and Healing, Come as you Are, Espacio Gallery, London

2022                 The Art of Grieving, St Albans Museum Gallery

2021                 Curating Futures Immaterial Virtual exhibition and collaboration 

2021                  Solo Exhibition Vanishing Point, The Crypt Gallery, London (6-11  


2021                 Curator’s Salon Virtual Autumn Exhibition (Sept-Nov) featuring international  


2021                 St Albans Museum Gallery, a monthly residency of selected members from the 

                          Collective Gallery

2021                 Flux Review Virtual Exhibition (August) connecting international artists  

2021                 Supporting Arts 2021 Online Exhibition (September) platform for emerging


2021                 Affordable Art Fair Battersea, representing Arts 4 Dementia (June)

2021                 Body as Nature, Body as Self, Aghaevaprojects Open Space Exhibition,   

                          Norwich, exploring nature and human connection

2021                 Spring Bounce Exhibition, Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans (May) local artists  

                          group show

2021                 Worldwide-Instagram Group Exhibition, The Stable Gallery, Hampshire (April)

2021                  Open Fragments, Pragmata Collective (March)exploring inclusivity, empathy

                          and connection

2020                  Power, Pride, Rebirth, Collective Art Gallery, St Albans (October) Local artists 

                           group show
2020                  BIG Art Showcase, Herts Visual Arts (July) Annual exhibition
2019                  Capturing the Moment, Solo Exhibition, Radlett Centre, Hertfordshire


Professional Organisations

A-N, Visual Artists Association, Smart Artists Hub, Herts Visual Arts, Collective Gallery