Location: spudWORKS, Station Road, Sway, Lymington SO41 6BA

PLACEing Objects brings together 15 artists who share a willingness to dance on the edges of artistic practice. By paying attention through the senses, listening and creating new combinations, they each aim to establish a personal encounter with places.

Objects and materials, texts and performative acts, are allowed to enter the space between the human body and site, combining like ingredients, to create a new choreography of exchange, response and meaning. The locations themselves, with all their elements, forms, traces, narratives and histories are welcomed in, to contribute to equally, demonstrating a shared openness towards outcome.

Visitors are invited to enter this space of playful encounter, imaginative possibility and reflection.

Juliette Bigley Chris Crickmay Anna Halprin Alex Hoare Bea Last Jade Montserrat Diane Mulholland Clare Parry-Jones Lizzie Philps Jenna Reid Jo Roberts Adam Stead Katy Whitaker Simon Whitehead Andrea V Wright

PLACEing Objects is curated by Julie Brixey-Williams
Open Daily 10-4 26th Feb - 7th Mar
Private View 27th Feb 18.30 – 21.00
Curator Talk Sun 1st March 2pm