Approved: 08.07.2022

John Jennings

Artist, Curator

Approved: 08.07.2022

John Jennings Artist Statement 2022.

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Artist Statement

John Jennings Artist Statement 2022.

I started to make art at the age of 15 in 1965 after visiting the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford. I’d never visited a contemporary art gallery before and it was a revelation! My brain instantly reorganize itself and I knew from that moment that I would spend the rest of my life making Art. Today that moment is as clear now as it was fifty six years ago and I’m still painting.

Through self taught black and white photography in the nineteen seventies I was strongly drawn to formalist abstract photography which migrated into my paintings and still does.

Colour has always been the key driving force behind my abstract paintings. I don’t previsualize or plan. Though I do draw, my drawings are in themselves unique works of art not a basis on which to make a painting. Nor do I ignore the reality around me. It can trigger a cascade of painting but none of them will be what was seen. I rely on my intuition and visceral energy to guide and drive me. And a fluency of gestural brushwork and glazing techniques to create a finished painting.

CV & Education

John Jennings CV 2022.

1965 I Started to make art after a revelational experience at an exhibition of modern art at the Museum Of Modern Art, Oxford.

In the mid 1970’s I discovered formalist Abstract photography.

I was awarded a Diploma in painting from Amersham School of Art in 1986 and graduated with a degree in painting at Kingston School of Fine art in 1989.  

During the year I was at Amersham I was chosen to represented the school of art in an Exhibition at the South Bank Centre, London

I‘ve worked for the charity ‘Outside In` as an art workshop leader and was included in one of their public exhibitions.

I exhibited in Bobby Baker’s public light box exhibitions in Dalston London in 2016 and 2017

 I was selected by the arts charity, Creative Futures for their online shop project ‘11` in 2018.

One of my paintings was featured in The Big Issue in  2019.

Exhibited as a guest artist at the Brighton Artist Open Houses celebration 2022.

My art is in many private collections.