In late April 2021, whilst gardening, I revealed a submerged time capsule of discarded objects roughly 2 metres cubed. It seemed that the disturbed subterranean chamber was from a narrow time-frame. Stratified beneath disintegrating paint cans were multiple cut glass strips infused with mud, then discarded domestic items. Clues regarding the era of this sunken capsule became apparent. There were tiny Marmite jars, corroded batteries, the torso of a tiny, fragile celluloid doll with a dented face, the rusted frame of a doll’s pram, the remains of a kerosene heater and oil lamp, a fragment of honey jar. Ink bottles, paintboxes, a pen, a child’s crayon. Buckets of such objects were soon filled. Everything, as it resurfaced suggested that the underground repository was constructed and filled around 1939-1945. As I complete the physical removal and reuse/disposal of the relics and remains, ideas are currently forming around the whole discovery and all it’s implications. To be continued..