As seen in 'Anti-Frieze'. Lock-in Gallery, Brighton. October 6th - 24th 2021

Formed in 2020, THE GRABBER follows an ongoing collaboration between artist Davide Lakshmanasamy and charlatan Jake Francis. A concoction of craftsman and cretin, THE GRABBER and its ill-judged owners encapsulate one of the core dilemmas of contemporary art and its practices – a lukewarm combination of real technical skills, and befuddled half-baked ideas.

Destructive in nature and reliant on the existing to make its conceptual points known, THE GRABBER represents the discomfort of many creatives working today ; the inability or unwillingness to craft something original in favour of casting aspersions towards the established.

Anti - Frieze
'Against ownership and immortality, everything will alter, be destroyed or simply fade away.'

Co-exhibitors: Kamran Amin / Alcide Breaux / Alexandra Freye / Eddie Saint-Jean / Selina Bonelli / Sultant Zana and Avril Stormy Unger / Eliza Gooden / Ben Hartley / Idil Bozkurt / Joe Coleman / Renate Pierotto / Ron VonGlas / Zoe Toolan / Jason Hall