some mad art, a small part of our choke point residency for the Newbridge Project, exploring how to snarl / gnarl systems. (thanx pluto press for book of the same name). mad arts sane responses to a maddening world. curators call these arts 'sculpture'.

first up.

not losing the world marble. 2022ce.
world marble (has a world blasted into the glass). fruity walking stick. blank (roofing) slate. use slate to trap walking stick and balance world (just) on it. wait for footsteps to knock world off. dimensions variable. 1m x 30cm x 20cm.

groot has not lost their marbles. 2022ce.
groot with hollow head. handful of diverse marbles. dissident badges with flowers drawn on them. always surprised that folx keep asking what the word dissident means. dimensions variable. 20cm x 10cm x 15cm.

fragile agile frag. 2022ce. edition of 7. (monday thru sunday).
a4 page with fragile / agile / frag (from fragile tape) stuck on it. a meds container (7 different colours) containing an ink cartridge. 'frag = blow up yr commanding officer' and 'printers ink is the greater explosive' (lawrence ferlinghetti) written on it.
30cm x 21cm x 5cm.

all the i.d. yu need. 2022ce. multiple
clear id badge. seagull feather from north-east coastline sticking out of the plastic. (other birds n coastlines also available). dimensions variable. 12cm x 6 cm x 5cm.