Following on from the 2017 short Iron: Origins and Destinations, Filmmaker and Photographer Rachel Nolan has completed a new film to accompany Iron: Translating Territories exhibition. Featuring interviews and studio working process footage of the participating artists, Iron: Translating Territories short will be shown as part of the gallery show and is available to view online via the RSA website via the viewing room:

Artists: Pawel Czekanski | Clare Flatley | Gordon Munro RSA | Rachel Nolan | Ewan Robertson | Oana Stanciu | Michal Staszczak

IRON: Translating Territories examines iron’s multiple facets and roles by seeking new routes and practices to map unfamiliar territories and possibilities through art practice. The exhibition will unveil diverse understandings of the physical world around us and explore the creative potential and complexity in this singular material. Academician Gordon Munro RSA has assembled a pan-European group of artists, each bringing a unique perspective in their responses to the place of iron in our lives and its use as an artistic medium.