I have this brand-new project Advice From my Future Self on the World of Work where I’m aiming to explore my neurodivergent experience of the world of work, envisioning a more supportive future by creating good artistic conditions in which I can create the strongest visual artwork.

I’ll be using my attention to perception and experience of environment, through painting, writing, movement and music I will explore different social experiences and levels of connection in a 3-week residency.

I intend to share this practice of mine with people with mental health difficulties through partnering with existing organisations, running a series of workshops and talks.

This image I’ve chosen for this post is of a recent costume I’ve made in response to being invited to a fancy dress party on the theme of ‘art’

You might say this doesn’t look much like art!

The costume involves a sifting hat and while I have used sieves in projects and proposals before from the handheld to pieces that get rolled along into festivals as they are so large, I’ve previously used words to be seived. This time I’ve chosen images as they invite more scope for individual interpretation.