I sustained a dislocated knee in Sept 2021 and ended up having to take six months leave of Absence from my Practice based PhD as so unwell and in constant pain with knee/very little sleep.
Took a long time to get diagnosis, a year in fact. Damage to nerves of knee and probably Chronic Pain Syndrome; bit of a blow to put it mildly.
Have been mostly housebound for a year and unable to walk /walk far at all. Been so down and isolated.
New pain killer meant some pain relief and some proper sleeps at last - since middle of October 2022. Such a incredible relief, was past myself with exhaustion and pain management. Therefore, I have returned to my research, however, my enquiry will have to change significantly as I cannot always walk far and have self-identified now an artist with a disability.
A huge learning curve for me... Being mostly housebound means I have had to adapt and work from home; I am reaching out and beginning to network with other artists with disabilities.
Making small drawings regarding 'Pain and how that is Embodied.'.
Drawings getting bigger in scale, mark making getting more confident through doing a series on Pain... Fantastic support from my supervisors. And happy with my improvised often blind drawings, exploring with colour fields and embodiment - from October 2002 to now - see my artwork over that period.
So, we will see where this huge new change for me physically, with my very limited mobility at times
- lots of physio is helping and my own practice of helping myself re acupuncture treatments and my BMC /Body-MInd Centering is also significantly helping - where this journey of discovery and new body takes me.
The politics of being even slightly disabled and consequential pain, fluctuates massively, and in a very ablest society, as an older women, who is working class, is huge.
Access to buildings and transport for example are huge physical and mental barriers.