A Soft Landing is an online resource inspired by the activity of communal gardens and city allotments. It is a space where volunteers are invited to share, learn, contribute and care for themselves and others, through the sharing of material that could be used for nourishment, growth, pleasure, education or healing. This material might take the form of recipes, remedies, poems, instructions, inspirations, sounds or images - but these are just suggestions. Volunteers are welcome to contribute material to a fresh plot or respond to material from another. Visitors are free to explore all contributed material and take from it what they might need (a recipe, a remedy, or simply inspiration...) They may also request to volunteer and contribute at a later date.

Although there are no strict limitations, there is a general focus on themes surrounding nature, ecology, plants, food, care and sustainability.

A Soft Landing is now open for voluntary contributions. There are no deadlines and you may contribute as little or as often as you feel. First, you may want to visit to browse what is already there and when you are ready please email [email protected] with the subject heading "A Soft Landing" to express your interest.



Contribution by Jack Young.


Contribution by Edward Ball.


Contribution by Jessica Williams-Holmberg.


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