#Five2Watch South West

Stephen Monger, Dorville Hotel, 2014

This week in #Five2Watch we put a spotlight on artists working in the South West

Selected artists: 

Dail Behennah, Stephen Monger, James Eddy, 
Mary Fletcher and Stuart Robinson

  • Dail Behennah

    Dail Behennah, Nature Table, 2014

    Nature Table, 2014

    Part of a solo exhibition held at Ruthin Craft Centre 18th April - 5th July 2015 and touring to The Museum in the Park, Stroud 3rd October - 8th November 2015.
    This exhibition provided an impetus to find a new way of working with different materials and processes. The nature table gave a loose framework for exploration.
    Most of the pieces are made from copper, copper wire, silver plated copper wire. I have used textile and basketry techniques, and basic metalworking skills. Nothing is a copy of the thing I picked up – they are what happened through play and manipulation of materials


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  • Stephen Monger

  • James Eddy

    James Eddy, "Growth & decay", charcoal sculpture, 2016

    "Growth & decay", charcoal sculpture, 2016

    "Growth & decay", charcoal sculpture, created in 2011 at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

    Constructed with charred timber and charcoal, the sculpture is an abstract form expressing the natural process of growth and decay in nature. Growth flowing upwards towards the sun before eventually returning to the soil.

    The work is intended to decay over time. It is a home to many species of flora and fauna, including nesting wagtails.

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  • Mary Fletcher

    Mary Fletcher, Spare room: spare house. Van Gogh and David Cameron compared.,

    Spare room: spare house. Van Gogh and David Cameron compared.,

    This was inspired by protest against the Bedroom Tax. I thought of Van Gogh, preparing his spare room for the visit of Gauguin, Van Gogh being a person who was all his life subsidised by his brother but produced work thousands enjoy. I compared this with David Cameron, rich enough to have two houses but imposing a tax to prevent the poor from having a spare room in subsidised housing.

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  • Stuart Robinson

    Stuart Robinson, Nicely Does It,

    Nicely Does It,

    A recreation from memories of a personal experience and photographs of a small town diner in California. The piece is an homage to the simplification of memory and the misrememberance of details.

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