#Five2Watch Landscapes

Julie Lawrence, Transitions, 2015

This week in #Five2Watch we take a look at works dealing with the landscape in different ways.

Selected artists: 

Julie Lawrence, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Adam King, 
Pandora Vaughan and Michael Day

  • Julie Lawrence

    Julie Lawrence, Transitions, 2016

    Transitions, 2016

    Part of a large body of photographic prints which hangs between photography and painting, The work explores the concept of between-ness, and a transitional state of ambiguity.

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  • Jessica Lloyd-Jones

    Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Iron Landscape,

    Iron Landscape,

    During a residency at leitrim sculpture centre Ireland, Lloyd-Jones experimented with chemically formulating her own recipes for producing rust using various forms of iron and oxidizing agents. The work is built up in layers, colours emerging over a period of time and chemical changes taking place on the canvas. Rust has an imbued sense of time - the very nature by which it forms. Orange illumination references the flow of molten metal during iron production

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  • Pandora Vaughan

    Pandora Vaughan, Canadiana Artificianalis, 2015

    Canadiana Artificianalis, 2015

    From a series of invented postcards of an idealised colonial playground.

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  • Michael Day

    Michael Day, Hard To Tell At This Distance, 2011

    Hard To Tell At This Distance, 2011

    Using found footage, this piece shows the spectacular view from the top of a mountain at the end of a Norwegian cable car journey. Captured by persons unknown using the now obsolete Video-8 format, the footage has been digitised and re-edited, leaving the unstable camerawork and prosaic voiceover of the original director intact. This piece lets us sample borrowed memories, inciting fond recollection of a place we may never have visited

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