#Five2Watch Glasgow

Urban Agriculture Growing Care, Blair Cunningham, 2015

This week in #Five2Watch we take a trip to Scotland and check out artists based in Glasgow

Selected artists: 

Rosemary Hogarth, Norman Gilbert, James Winnett, 
Blair Cunningham and Katri Walker

  • Rosemary Hogarth

    Rosemary Hogarth, 32 Triangles, 2013

    32 Triangles, 2013

    This drawing installation is based on triangular road signs. I’m interested in the idea of every day abstractions that are easily readable in contrast to abstractions in fine art, which are not. Here I tried to blend the two worlds together, which ultimately reduced/refused the readability of these common signs

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  • Norman Gilbert

  • James Winnett

    James Winnett, 100 Flowers, 2015

    100 Flowers, 2015

    The ten works which form this series have been developed as part of an in depth research process that has seen the artist explore a number of themes linked to the significant cultural, horticultural and emotional role flowers have played and continue to play both locally and around the world. Examining the history and local distribution of wild flowers led the artist to visit the Govan dock areas, access local biodiversity records, study the herbarium archives at Glasgow Botanical Gardens and read up on the complex role horticulture, agriculture and industry have played in introducing a host of non-native species to the local area.

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  • Blair Cunningham

    Blair Cunningham, Urban Agriculture Growing Care, 2015

    Urban Agriculture Growing Care, 2015

    This art work was commissioned as part of a larger body of research looking at Glasgow’s growing community gardens. The larger research project was carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow (1) that concluded that these gardens were of immense importance in the development of community empowerment, social inclusion, community cohesion and spaces for informal learning. I was commissioned to create an artists book to explore some of these issues and strategies that considers community gardening as an example of what a more caring city looks like. Caring here should be understood as an everyday urban activity, which, as Joan Tronto suggests, involves “everything we do to maintain, continue and repair our ‘world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible” (2). This artwork represented a glimpse of another Glasgow, a Glasgow that generates new forms of value in places and people all too often neglected or exploited by purveyors of the ‘profit first’ logic. 

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  • Katri Walker

    Katri Walker, An Equilibrium Not of This World, 2012

    An Equilibrium Not of This World, 2012

    An Equilibrium Not of This World takes its title from Chinese Geographer Yi-Fu Tuan who writes about human beings’ search for the ideal environment and a connection with the world around us. The film uses running, and hillrunning specifically, as a conduit for the exploration of this symbiotic relationship between the body and landscape, the balance between nature and machine, and the intersection between internal and external experience. 

    NVA and Edinburgh Art Festival jointly commissioned this work as part of NVA’s Speed of Light project. Speed of Light was a highlight of Edinburgh International Festival and part of London 2012 Festival. 

    Please note: This film contains a wide range of subtle audio, for the optimum experience please use headphones or connect external speakers to your computer

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