MAstars 2010: Gina Lundy, MFA Documentary Photography

MAstars 2010: Gina Lundy, MFA Documentary Photography Gina Lundy, Untitled, 2008-2009. Photograph. 55.9cm x 61cm (unframed)

Hannah Firth selects Gina Lundy from Newport School of Art, Media & Design for MAstars

'Ask me my three main priorities for government, and I tell you: education, education, education.' (Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, 1996)

The landscape of learning is changing. First announced in the House of Commons by David Blunkett in 2000, the academy schools programme proposed to close existing inner city comprehensives with a chronic history of low attainment and poor performance, replacing them with newly built 'City Academies'.

Withywood Community School in south Bristol, identified as one such school, was scheduled for demolition and replacement with an academy in September 2008. Intending to record the shifting changes in the identity of the school and its students, the academy project documents the transition of the students during their last term at the old community school, and into their new environment - the Merchants' Academy.

Selected by Hannah Firth
Published April, 2010


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