Research with East Street Arts

'Artist as a worker'

We are collaborating with East Street Arts (ESA) to undertake research around artist as worker and the influence of place. The research builds on the foundations of the ESA led symposium ‘What role does research play in supporting artists?’ in June 2015.

The focus is on Leeds and building a better understanding of the conditions in which artists operate and the perceptions of Leeds as a destination for artists.

In addition to ESA and Axisweb the partnership consists of:

Matias Zarlenga:
A sociologist, awarded a PhD from the University of Barcelona (UB) that researched the impact of artists’ spaces in Barcelona

Friederike Landau:
A political theorist and urban researcher, she has co-authored an article on artist networks in Berlin and a national study on contemporary art galleries in Germany.

Both Matias and Freiderike have initiated similar studies with Barcelona and Berlin respectively.  We will also connect with students through the art schools of Leeds.

The largest study of its kind to have happened in Leeds we will capture the life cycle of an artist exploring ideas around destination, retention, support, and networks.

ESA and Axisweb are both committed to the idea of open data.  All data will be made available as a resource for others to access and make use of.  

Our ambition is build intelligence that will inform how to better support artists.  

Links to papers: