One year on

One year on

First birthday homepage makeover and personalised opportunities

It's nearly a year since we launched our new website, with a more spacious layout, easy-to-use navigation and an open-source content management system that's already making the site much easier to maintain.

To celebrate our first birthday we've given the homepage a bright new makeover, with a mosaic of images that reflect the diversity of work in our directory. From painting to participatory projects, film to performance... it's all there. Find out more about the artists we've featured here.

In response to feedback from our members we've also upgraded our opportunities section to make sure you never miss that gem of an opportunity that's particularly suitable for you. You can now sign in to your dashboard to set your personal opportunity preferences, and emails will then come straight to your inbox. We know you're all busy, so we aim to save you precious time.

Any site the size of ours gives only a small glimpse of what's really going on behind the scenes. So here's a nice infographic that tells you more about what's been happening since our re-launch last year:

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12 months infographic thumb

Don't forget that in the background we're also passing on on a steady stream of enquiries from users of the site about purchases, commissions, exhibitions and other projects. Artists need an audience if they are to flourish and that's what we provide.

With changes to our homepage, we must say goodbye to the striking banner images we've been using since the launch of our new site. Many thanks to Emily Speed, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Yvette Hawkins and Robert Foster for letting us show their work.

Published September, 2014