The Influencers: Sarah Rowles's Selection

Katie Taylor, Burden, 2014

We asked this month's Influencer Sarah Rowles to pick three artists from the directory and say a few words about her selection

Selected artists: 
Katie Taylor, Joseph Doubtfire, Jonathan Shapley  

I have always found the idea of 'selecting' artists a difficult one because I'm not sure that my taste should hold any greater weight than anyone else's. Stemming from this, Q-Art crits are open to artists of all backgrounds and artists are given spaces to present on an all-inclusive first-come, first-served basis. 

When Axisweb asked me to pick three artists to profile I adopted the same approach. Katie Taylor, Joseph Doubtfire, and Jonathan Shapley were the three most recent artists to have signed up to Axisweb at that time. I'd like to draw your attention to these early career artists and encourage comment and discussion on each artist's work via Twitter.

Selected by Sarah Rowles, January 2015

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