London Art Fair - Blog Posts

London Art Fair - Blog Posts

We put a call out on twitter for bloggers to send us their reports from the London Art Fair. The response was fantastic and we discovered some amazing blogs in the process!

It was a bit hectic London Art Fair last week but now the dust has settled we can share some of the blog posts we were sent from some enthusiastic bloggers who attended.

We offered the following bloggers some VIP tickets and asked them what they thought about the event. We are delighted to share their posts with you!

Read Sarah Leslie's short and sweet post comparing LAF to a dog show.
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Bess Martin spent 25 hours walking around the fair, find out what she discovered on this epic quest.
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Gordon Dalton visits some of his favourites and finds the 'feel good factor' at LAF.
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It's been a busy month for Sarah Mayhew Craddock, LAF gets a mention in her latest post.
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Keeping an eye out for contemporary painting, Liz Elton shares some of her favourites.
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On the hunt for female artists,
Louise Marchal reports back from LAF.
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Suzanna Raymond tells us about her first visit to London Art Fair and how it compares to Frieze @SRfirehorseart 

We also came across a number of other blogs that are worth a read.

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