Beyond the gallery - digital discussion

Beyond the gallery - digital discussion Mark Smith, David Gilbert, Amanda Ravetz, Steven Pool and Kate Genever discussing the research and validation at The Art House, Wakefield, July 2015

On 19, 20 and 21 August 2015 we'll be hosting an online discussion about the findings in our 'Validation beyond the gallery' report

Recently we published Validation beyond the gallery, a piece of research reporting on the experiences of artists, producers and commissioners operating outside of the gallery.

We want to hear more of what our members think about the issues raised in the report, so next week we’ll be posing a series of questions on Twitter, Facebook and Axisweb. Join us online from Wednesday 19 August.

We’ll also be launching the #BeyondTheGallery hashtag on Instagram, where we’re encouraging you to share anything you consider an example of art existing ‘beyond the gallery’.

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Published August, 2015

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